A work from home experience

At Benzy, we help life and health agents all across the country create a high, sustainable income working from home.  Agents are tired of starting over every January.  Here, we teach how to build a book of business that creates a higher income year over year. 

Creating a unique work from home opportunity

We work with agents helping them create a business they can manage from home or anywhere. No more countless hours in the car to go get that deal.

What Our Agents Enjoy

Work From Home

The best part of Benzy are the rewards it creates outside of the business.  Working from home without dialing hundreds of leads per week has allowed agents to “get their life back” and create more family memories because Dad or Mom is home now.

Six Figure Opportunity

Put yourself in a position to make six figures or more by plugging into our system.  Creating that lifestyle you’ve always wanted IS possible and it’s already happening for our agents. 

Free Trips!

We LOVE free trips!  Our carriers really do roll out the red carpet on these trips.  It’s nice to be rewarded for your efforts all year long at some of the nicest hotels in the world.  With our system, winning a free trip is the more than doable. 


Let’s face it, renewals are reason we are all here!  At Benzy, we help agents build sustainable businesses that grow each year with renewals. We work to get active and passive income streams for each agent. 

Meet the people behind our success

Nathan Schmidt

CEO, Co-Founder

Andrew Pryor

CMO, Co-founder

“Just wanted to send a quick shout-out to Andrew Pryor and Nathan Schmidt. This past week marks a year since I sold my first Benzy policy and I just hit $500K in submitted AP. I’m just a part-timer, but this has been a game-changer for me and my family. Financial security, money to blow on fun weekends and trips with the kids, just got back from a bucket list trip to Rome with my wife, all thanks to Benzy!

Super grateful for the opportunity they have created. I don’t have any secrets, just plugging away with 20 leads a week, some weeks are better than others. Just wanted to encourage everyone to stick with it and stay consistent, you’ll always get out what you put in!”

Daniel A.

Benzy Agent (aka Chiropractor)

“My experience with Benzy has been life changing!! The system Benzy has built is 2nd to none. The best support community, world class training, best carriers, and the Leads are the best my team and I have ever worked!! Easy conversations with high intent clients & the products almost sell themselves. The best part of Benzy is the people. The community wants everyone to succeed and we are all having a blast while earning high incomes and building residual income! BenzyGang for life!!”

Lee H.

Benzy agent

“Benzy has provided more opportunities than I can fit into a single message. Most importantly it has to being able to be a more present father which is my biggest goal. I work less than 30 hours a week and bring as much money home as some doctors working 60 hours a week. It’s allowed my fiancé to retire at 24 years old and focus on other things to improve our quality of life at home. I’ve also been able to enroll my toddler in a Montessori school. We are able to take a small vacation once a month and be able to do things we want to do without checking the bank account. Being able to operate out of a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity. Not just seeing a lot of deposits, but keeping those deposits. Laying my head down at night knowing my bills are paid is a enormous weight off of my shoulders.”

Brian H.

Benzy agent

“What a breathe of fresh air it has been since joining the Benzy Group. They have worked diligently to solve the biggest problems that a salesperson faces in todays fast paced/instant gratification age. The first being training and support. If you are not well trained and have an abundance of support as a salesperson you’re going to have a more longer and drawn out learning curve to get through before you experience some success. The second is lead generation. If you’re having to rely upon your center of influence to build your business it can be challenging to say the least. Finding lead generation companies can be a painful and expensive experience before you find one that works well for your business. Well Benzy has both of these figure out with their world class training suite that you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. In addition they have team leads for one on one questions and one of the most active and beneficial Slack Channels that I have ever experienced. On top of that they have affordable and consistent lead generation that keeps your pipeline full of new opportunities. If you’re needing an opportunity to work remotely and have a high earning potential do yourself a favor and connect with a Benzy Team Lead today! I can attest to their systems being a winning game plan for hard working salespeople. I have closed over $18,000 in personal commissions in my first 11 weeks and had zero background in the health insurance industry”

Eddie M.

benzy agent

What our agents have to say

They believe in us

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