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At Benzy, we help life and health agents all across the country create a high, sustainable income working from home. Agents are tired of starting over every January. Here, we teach how to build a book of business that creates a higher income year over year. We work with agents helping them create a business they can manage from home or anywhere. No more countless hours in the car to go get that deal.

Switch to Solar Now

Harness the Power of the Sun for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Experience top-tier solar panel installation tailored to your needs. Our experts ensure seamless integration, maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing your carbon footprint. Embrace cleaner, greener living with SunCraft Solutions. Transform your space into an eco-friendly haven. Our consultants at EcoPower Insights offer innovative technologies.

Solar Installation

Embrace cleaner, greener living

Energy Consultancy

Info for a sustainable lifestyle.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Embrace the freedom of energy independence with Sun Power

Maintenance and Monitoring

Embrace the freedom of energy independence with Sun Power
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Work From Home

The best part of Benzy are the rewards it creates outside of the business. Working from home without dialing hundreds of leads per week has allowed agents to “get their life back” and create more family memories because Dad or Mom is home now.

Six Figure Opportunity

Put yourself in a position to make six figures or more by plugging into our system. Creating that lifestyle you’ve always wanted IS possible and it’s already happening for our agents.

Free Trips!

We LOVE free trips! Our carriers really do roll out the red carpet on these trips. It’s nice to be rewarded for your efforts all year long at some of the nicest hotels in the world. With our system, winning a free trip is the more than doable.


Let’s face it, renewals are reason we are all here! At Benzy, we help agents build sustainable businesses that grow each year with renewals. We work to get active and passive income streams for each agent.

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